Pour ma dame en rose

Si seulement je pouvais vous dire tout ce que je voulais dire: Je voudrais vous dire que je veux me perdre dans vos yeux qui brillent comme la lune sur l'oceon Que j'ai envie de sentir tes levres parfaites donnez-moi le baiser parfait Et que je donnerais mille couchers de soleil juste pour voir votre …

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Happy Birthday Dad

On the 26th of April 1942, my father was born. Today is his 73rd birthday. Watching him dozing on the sofa beside me, I see the man that worked so hard to provide for his family. I see the man that made sure we were never without. He, along with my mom, made sure that …

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Why do we do the whole – pretend it never happened – thing?

We've all done it. I know that I have and I know that you have too, at some point. Situation avoidance. Remember back when we were kids. If we did something wrong, firstly we would try not to get caught, but then we would completely avoid the situation or topic. We didn't want our parents …

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