Journal writing: Beneficial or childish?

When i think about writing a journal, I imagine a young teenager writing  "Dear Diary...." The truth is that, as an adult, i did start to write a journal of sorts - of course my entries did not start with Dear Diary. I am one of those people that "over think"  and find myself burdened …

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Shall we dance: The dance of life

Everyday we are dancing, our lives are full of dances....classical, modern and sometimes just pure freestyle. Each moment or situation being the background music which dictates the style of dance we are to perform. And as the saying takes two to tango. When your eyes connect with someone across the dance floor, the stage …

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Friendship: What do you do when it goes wrong?

Friendship, true friendship develops over time and creates and bond of respect and most importantly trust. So what do we do when a friend disregards that most sacred rule of friendship and breaks that vital trust? Is it possible to forgive and forget? Will you ever truly trust that person completely again? What if the …

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