I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel

Hey guys, I'm back. I know it's been a long, long while and I wasn't sure I was ever coming back, but here I am. I hope the wordpress.com community will be warm and welcoming to me once again. I guess I should explain…

Why I left

I stopped writing on this site a while ago because, well, I was starting a new adventure, a new project. I was starting a new life with my girlfriend ( now my fiancée ) and I had big plans…I still have big plans but let's just say that I'm exploring a different route.

Basically, I started another blog…a travel blog. However, I wanted it to be more professional ( not that wordpress.com is not professional ), and so I headed over to wordpress.org and started building up my travel blog from scratch. It was going to be great!

The travel blog

So I got my travel blog up and running, I paid for the hosting and all that and I started producing content. I have to admit that I haven't been working as hard on it as I would like. It's still kind of a work in progress in that I still need to add loads of content and get more traffic to that site.

Lately I've been slacking though as we have just moved back to Spain… again! So at the moment we are trying to settle again and I have to admit that it's not as easy as I would like. Unfortunately the blog has suffered as a consequence. Anyway, I'm not here to tell you guys about my travel blog. No, I'm here to tell you why I am back.

Why I am back

Okay, so here it where I get to the point of this post. Lately, I've been thinking that I want to start a YouTube channel. I've always been a creative person and I love photography and have really gotten into filmmaking recently. The only problem….I'm really shy! But that is part of why I want to do it, to build up my confidence and get over my insecurities.

So yeah, I'm back on here as well because I have a lot of things to share that I cannot share on my travel blog because, well, it's a travel blog. Therefore, for that reason, I have come back to first place I started blogging, to the community that will always be my blogging home and that got my inspired to follow my dream of being creative!

Let's talk about YouTube

So yeah, I want to make videos! I know that in the beginning it might suck, but that's normal. It happens with everything in life right, the more you do it, the better you get. I don't really have a niche planned for my channel, because originally I was thinking about starting a daily vlog. However, it wouldn't be the best time for me to start that right now, and so I was thinking of having a channel where I do various things. A lifestyle channel of sorts. Reviews, advice, tips and tricks, opinions, unboxings etc with a few vlogs thrown in every now and then.

Back to stay

The good news is that I will be back on this blog for the foreseeable future. I will still be doing my travel blog, but I'm definitely going to make time for this blog! My plan is to make this into a lifestyle blog, so I guess it will reflect my YouTube channel. All I know is that I'm excited to get back into this channel and share with you guys!

Thanks for reading guys! If you have any advice or tips for me drop me a comment below! I'd love to hear from you guys!





It’s been almost three weeks since I up and left my job with my girlfriend. We had enough and decided that we needed to take some holidays and change our lifestyle. The London lifestyle just wasn’t working out for us anymore, and so we decided to leave it all behind and start a fresh somewhere new and follow our dream of travelling.

So here I am now in Madrid, casually sipping a cup of tea whilst I write this, without any worry of having to get anything done before I go to work. It’s great. I know that it is not forever and that soon I will have to start looking for work again, but our plan is to take ourselves a well deserved holiday first. So far, it’s feeling fantastic. You don’t really realise how hard you work until you don’t have to anymore, so this bit R&R time is exactly what we needed.

So technically we’ve alreadyย been on holiday for about three weeks now, however there is much more to come. After a quick visit to my family in London near the end of May, we plan to have a trip to the Greek Islands. We are really looking forward to it as neither of us has taken a proper holiday for about two years….we reallyย need it!

We know that weย will have to work again eventually as unfortunately money doesn’t last forever( WHY??? ), but until that time….we are free!!



A moment in time

He watched her then, as she lay in the bed beside him. Watched as she covered her naked breasts, still red and warm from where they had pressed against his body moments before. He savoured the moment and the sweet scent of her skin.
He smiled to himself, closing his eyes and turning to sleep.
It was then that he felt her turn behind him, placing her hand on his shoulder. She needed no words, a squeeze from her hand said it all. He had known that they couldn’t be or shouldn’t be, but now he knew they wouldn’t be.

“I feel cheap.” She said as she dressed herself. She had a boyfriend. Half a bottle of tequila had weakened her resistance to the infatuation she had for the man who’s bed she now left cold and empty.
“You’re not a bad person.” Came his pitiful attempt at consolation. He felt guilty, he hadn’t made it easy for her. Yet he had been unable to stop himself from feeling something for the beauty as they spoke in the candlelight earlier that evening.
He dared not stop her. She was being torn up inside and he knew it. He knew it, and could do nothing. Anything he said would simply make it worse.
The sun shone out from behind the apartment buildings as they made their way to the bus stop. With a final kiss they said goodbye, and at that moment he knew. He knew that when he watched her step into the bus, he was watching her step out of his life forever.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.”