Nos vamos a Puerto Rico;We’re heading to Puerto Rico

We’re heading to the enchanted island or ” isla del encanto” as they say in Spanish.

It’s been a while since we went on a trip, but we will soon be off on a new adventure. It’s going to be our longest adventure, to date, by far. Until now, our longest trip was around two weeks. This trip is going to be, wait for it…. two months!

Two whole months in the Caribbean! Doesn’t that sound great? We certainly think so.

It was quick decision to be honest. We found an opportunity and we took it. No dilly dallying, no faffing around, no making ourselves dizzy with all sorts of questions. We simply agreed that we both wanted to go to Puerto Rico and made the arrangements. That’s what travel is all about.

What are we doing?

Making a quick decision like that isn’t without it’s doubts. Once everything was booked and done, we stopped, looked at each other and asked “what are we doing?”

We were flooded with nerves and excitement at the same time. It’s quite a big decision, but if you stop and second guess everything you do, you’ll never do anything. That is what we wanted to avoid and we succeeded. Now, there is no chance for second guessing, we don’t have any other choice…we have to go!

Our plan

Well, to be honest, there isn’t really a plan. We know where will be staying and that’s about it. There are so many awesome things to do in Puerto Rico and as always, we want to do them all. We will do our best, but I’m not sure if everything will be possible.

Some definite options are:

  • Salsa dancing. Yep, we know how to dance Salsa ( we’re still beginners, but we know enough) and how can you not dance Salsa in the country where it was born.
  • Surfing. Puerto Rico has some awesome waves. Unfortunately, those waves are all the way on the other side of the island. Fortunately, the island is not so big, so getting to the waves wont be such a big deal.
  • Hiking. Puerto Rico is home to a tropical rainforest and there are some beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls and natural pools to be seen. We’ll also get to see the Coqui frog which is endemic to Puerto  Rico, and is a proud symbol of the Puerto Rican people.
  • Adventure activities. There are loads more adventure activities to be done in Puerto Rico and the adrenaline junkie in me is dying to try them out.

Follow our journey

If you like to travel and are looking for some inspiration, why don’t you follow along with us on our social media. We will updating all our social media with our plans and activities whilst we are there and sharing information and tips about travelling to Puerto Rico.

We recently started our “Wanderlust Travellers” travel blog, and will be using that to document all our travels, along with everything that we learn along the way. Our mission is to inspire other people and show that it is possible to travel. We want to share all the tips and tricks that we learn along the way, and even teach the new skills that we learn.

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Have you been to Puerto Rico before? Have any advice for us? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!


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