Back to work

I’ve been finding myself needing some time off. You know when everything, every little thing starts to get to you, get under your skin and bug the hell out of you until you feel as though you are going insane. Haven’t experienced that?…Well then you have a good life. If you have….well you’ll know what I mean.

Realising I still had a week of holidays, I asked my manager if I might be able to take those days. He politely agreed and scratched me of the work rota for the next week and said I could have that week. To be honest I think he knew how much I needed it. Everyone had been telling me that I was looking “down” and “not myself”. They were right.

Well anyway, so I took this week off and I didn’t go anywhere of course as it was a bit short notice and to be honest I just wanted to relax. Besides..I didn’t have any money to go anywhere. Instead I used these days to plan my escape from this place. This place being London, the polluter of my soul.

Time, however, flies and all too soon the days have rushed past in blur bringing about the day I return to work and seemingly a deterioration in the weather to mirror my misery.


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