The disappointing new generation

It’s seriously annoying when you have to get off a bus that you just waited twenty mins for because of a bunch of kids thinking they are cool. Three teenage boys just walked on to the bus I was on without presenting their travel cards. Of course the driver in his duty refused to move the bus until they got off. Now you would think that any person in their right mind would think rationally and realise that they aren’t going anywhere, so is there really any point in continuing the stupidity. Of course not. These three boys refuse to get off. Why? Who the fuck knows!!
It seriously grates me that they have nothing better to do than to ruin everyone else’s evening. People wait for the buses for ages to get home after work, just to have to get off because of the stupidity of three adolescent hot shots. What point do they possibly have to prove??
It is really sad and disappointing that this has become of the youth if our generation. I know it is not all of them, but the numbers of delinquents are increasing every year.
I fear for the future where we have idiots like this bringing the new generation into the world.


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