The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Sounding like something out of ” The Art of War “, I’m not sure exactly where this phrase originates from. The first recorded use of the current English version was around 1884.

The ideology was used and quite clearly on display during the second world war. It is much more recent events, however, that bring me to the contemplation of the meaning of the phrase and it’s use.

It is true that nothing works quite as well in bringing people together like giving them a common enemy. Common ground is the foundation for cooperation. My question is — How stable is that foundation between two enemies?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend….now take away one enemy. Either way you are left with your ” friend ” being your enemy. The enemy is my friend, or my enemy is my friend. You see what I am getting at? Now consider a more recent phrase…frenemy. Yes, it is a ridiculous term, the combination of ” friend ” and ” enemy “. However, it becomes totally relevant when you put the phrase and the term together.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend could also be… the enemy of my enemy, is my frenemy.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but look a little closer.

Frenemy….a concept mostly seen in girls. Granted, guys are guilty of it too, but women take it to a whole new level. Pretence; Having a profound dislike for someone yet pretending to be their friend when they are around. Often going through great lengths to disguise their deceit.

Being in the company of two girls, you would think that they are the best of friends. Individually though, you see a whole new light as the screen of pretence is lifted and the truth is on clear display. It’s really quite incredible to watch first hand, and to see how easy it is for some.

You see, once you combine the phrase and the term you can achieve a whole new level of chaos. Yes, there is use for it in wars etc, where it is sometimes necessary for such evil to take place in order to achieve a greater purpose. In everyday life though, is it really necessary to go through all that effort? I see people happily talking to one another only to bad mouth them later to someone else. Why?

The answer is a sore truth. No one wants to be alone. To be truthful sometimes means that you will stand alone, surrounded by enemies. My truth though is that the enemy of my enemy may be my friend, or he may be my enemy too. I am not afraid to stand alone for what I believe in, because I believe in myself and I am not afraid to tell the enemy of my enemy, that they too are my enemy. I would rather have an enemy than have a friend that isn’t truly a friend… because that is the worst kind of enemy that anyone could have. A knife is the chest is preferable over a knife in the back. At least that is my opinion.



One thought on “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

  1. Okay, Nick. I read this twice because the first pass gave me a headache. 🙂 Take two made much more sense.

    Hear hear… to standing alone, even if it’s uncomfortable and undesirable. In the end, at least in my mind, it’s about being who I am, authentically and that means being in integrity and living with character.

    It sounds to me like these are (sometimes hard) choices that you are realizing/making. Bravo!

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