Please, not inside the handbag: Women and public transport

Ladies carry their entire lives inside their handbags, this is no revelation. However, inside the handbag is contained a world of chaos. This can be proved by asking any woman to produce a particular item from her handbag. Be prepared to wait….for a while. If you live with a woman, make sure that you have your keys, especially if it is raining, as you will most likely drown before she manages to locate her keys. Searching for anything inside a woman’s handbag can probably be resembled to searching for the lost city of Atlantis.


You see some women know this, and think ahead, locating whatever item they need before they need it, so as to have on hand when required. Some women are not so well blessed with common sense. It is these women that bring me to my point today.

An oyster card is vital for travelling around London, and as such is required to be accessible at all times. Accessible, ladies, does not mean inside your handbag. It is somewhat infuriating standing and waiting to board the bus whilst a single female is searching frantically for the oyster card located somewhere inside her handbag, which for reasons unbeknown to me, contains everything but the kitchen sink. You were waiting for the bus for five minutes…you couldn’t look for it then??

Some women, believe they have the solution to this. In a bid to save time as well as save any effort on their part, they place the oyster card in an outside compartment of the handbag. The thinking behind which is that they will simply hold that compartment up to the reader and it will scan the oyster. Reality however, proves this not to be the case. What you are left with is this, a women waving her handbag from left to right, up and down, round and round, trying to locate the oyster card and hear that magical ” beep ” of approval allowing her to board the bus. Not only do they look silly, but once again they waste mine and everyone else’s time. If you have the mind to put the oyster card in a known compartment of your bag, surely you have the sense to think that it might be easier to simply slip your hand into said compartment, produce the magical oyster card, tap it, and return it to it’s compartment once more. Or am I just crazy??

woman bag



2 thoughts on “Please, not inside the handbag: Women and public transport

  1. You are not crazy, Nick. At all. Part of the matter here is that women think/process differently than we, the other gender. The inside of most women’s handbags (I can only imagine)must be comparable to tangibles that have found their way into a tornado funnel. I learned from an early age (having been raised is a home dominated by estrogen) to never enter a woman’s handbag – even if she gives you permission or begs you to find something. I can count on one hand the number of times I have entered such an abyss.

    To the (il)logic aligned with oyster card use, all I can do is: 1) empathize with you; 2) roll my eyes, having been ‘there’ countless times and; 3) sigh — because we’ll likely, never get why they sometimes do what they do.

    An equal parts frustrating and enjoyable read. 🙂 Thanks.

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