Whatever happened to creativity?

Everything we need or want these days is so easily accessible, and for the most part, affordable too. Therefore if anything breaks, or we need something, anything…we simply throw out the old and get online and order the new. “Free delivery, that’s great!”

Technology has made our access to whatever we so desire, or require, beyond easy and has effectually killed our imagination, our creativity.
Rubbish dumps and landfills are filled with wasted potential. Items that people have thrown out because they are old, outdated, no longer used or slightly broken.
What people don’t realise is that everything has a second use as long as you have the imagination to make it so.
A form of recycling if you will, just more directly so.

A while ago, I’m sad to say, my keyboard drowned…an innocent bystander caught up in the war between my hot beverages and I. More can be read about that in my post spurned and burned.
Anyway, I was unable to save him, but I was determined that his death would not be in vain and that he could still be useful and his memory could live on.
Therefore my trusty keyboard became two things….


A decorative sign for my door.
As well as…


The keypad coaster.
Okay, I know, maybe they are little tacky, but I like them. I especially like that I could use something broken and give it, or pieces of it, another purpose.

Another quick example would be two broken chairs I had in my flat. One was my fault…an altercation between the chair and I. The chair lost. The second….well I think he was just old.
Two broken chairs, ready to be simply tossed into the skip. Not on my watch….


Okay, so again, perhaps a little tacky…but useful, and it saves me buying a new chair….for now.

Creativity is fun, uplifting. Taking something broken and giving it new life.
I come from a country where the poor kids couldn’t buy toy cars, so they made them, with pieces of wire and empty cold drink cans.


Complete with steering wheel, these could even turn left and right. They were marvellous and even as a child that wasn’t poor, they were one of my favourite toys, and we had endless hours of joy playing with them.
The ingenuity and creativity is astounding. You see they can’t afford to buy things like we can, so they make them instead. All you need is a little imagination and a little creativity and anything is possible.

So next time you are about to throw something away, have a little think to yourself…


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