I’ve been pressed

No, no unfortunately I do not mean freshly pressed…is it just me, or does that sound very wrong? ” You’ve just been freshly pressed. ”


Come on, admit it, it sounds……easily misinterpreted.

Anyway, so I’m pressed… once again not freshly so on WordPress, but for time, in life.
How is it possible to have so little time!? My job is partly to blame, starting at 7 am, finishing at 3 pm. ” This leaves me just about 5 hours of me time in a day, most of which is spent doing things that I need to do, not what I want to do. Cooking, eating, grocery shopping, the list goes on.
Starting a 7 am means I wake up at 5 am. After my 8 hour shift i’m usually too knackered to do anything. Customer service can be extremely mentally exhausting.
Therefore, on the days when I don’t just arrive home, flop on my bed and pass out, I struggle to cram all my wants and needs into those 5 hours before I finally flop on my bed and pass out.
The rest of the blame I guess simply falls on my shoulders. Perhaps I procrastinate too much….way too much. Complaining about lack of time instead of putting it to good use, and for some reason my procrastination always involves making tea! I don’t know why I do it, though all I can think is that it is simply because I like tea, and any excuse is a good excuse to make tea.

I guess I’m just a procrastinating tea fanatic that, dislikes my working hours, has not been freshly pressed ( still sounds wrong…just saying ), and constantly feels pressed for time.

“Why is the time always gone?” Pirates of the Caribbean fans will understand that one.


Time is short, got to sleep… Goodnight.


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