Mass dating like mass blogging??

They say that practice makes perfect right. Well as bloggers the more we write, the more we see what our audience reacts to, the topics we write about, how we write and so on and so forth.
The same can be said for anything really, once you do something enough times you get accustomed to it, get a feel for it, you know what works and what doesn’t and how best to achieve the desired results. Sure a lot of the time it’s trial and error, of course you have to try a new approach to gauge whether or not it will work right? I mean how else do we improve.

The same goes for dating, by doing more of it, you learn what works and what does not, what it is you are doing right and what it is you are doing wrong. Of course, not every girl or guy is the same, and some might like what others don’t. However with increased numbers you get a better average feedback.

So instead of being afraid of dating, we should get out there and embrace it. Bad dates should not be considered failures, rather learning points. Try something new, something different, experiment. It is only by going through the motions that we learn the technique. It is only by jumping that we learn how to fly and if you are to scared to fall, you will never jump….you will never fly. So let’s go, let’s go and jump, and every time we fall we will get up and jump again until we learn how to fly.

Just a thought…


2 thoughts on “Mass dating like mass blogging??

    1. Yep, it’s as though each date is a page of a text book in the lesson of dating haha. I haven’t dated a lot previously, think it’s time to start flipping through that textbook 🙂

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