5 Reasons why working in customer service doesn’t completely suck


Negative thinking can really get you down in the dumps. Now anyone that knows customer service, knows how easy it is to be negative about working in it, heck I was one of those people. However, a new determination to think positively has led me to give 5 reasons why customer service is awesome, and here they are :

1. Working with crazy people
If you have worked in customer service at some point in your life then you will understand when I say that everyone who works in customer service is crazy, not cuckoo crazy…okay maybe some are cuckoo crazy. But at least very open minded and crazy in a fun way.
Let’s face it, customer service is not a job you can do if you are too serious or reserved, you will not make it out of that pit of lions alive. I am crazy, and proud to be so and the joy of working with other crazy people is that you can turn a regular boring job into a basket of endless opportunities for fun.

2. Meeting new people
When you work in customer service in a place like London, you meet peopservice all over the world, colleagues and customers alike. I have met people from many different parts of the world, learnt a few sayings, some cultures, superstitions and beliefs….and even a new language or two (well almost…I know a few words at least.)

3. Learning to deal with your emotions
Customer service is emotional and stressful, anyone that tells you otherwise is lying to you or living in a dream world…you know the one where money grows on trees and what not.
Anyway, so you can be as happy as a pig in….mud one second, then spitting mad the next.  ( If you are reading this, and you are a problem customer….know that we hate you and you infuriate us beyond comprehension.) However you cannot show your negative emotions to those lovely people whom you have to serve….at least not if you want to keep your job. So angry, furious, stressed, upset you just have to smile and say “thank you, have a nice day” whilst you think to yourself with a grin… “I hope I never see your stupid face again!”

4. Eye candy
We all know what it is like when a member of the opposite sex catches our attention.  Well in customer service this happens…a lot. Your job is to focus on the customers and with the traffic through the restaurant, the odds of someone catching your attention increases exponentially. Now that has got to be a perk of the job, especially if you can get something more out of it, if you know what I mean.

5. Learning new skills
Customer service is all about possessing particular skills or having the ability to learn them and to learn new skills as well. Some might not seem so grand for example, time management, multitasking, keeping calm under pressure, but trust me these are all very valuable life skills. You can learn some things that are ultimately useless long term, but look pretty cool such as, carrying three trays at the same time, making coffees with the design on them and things like that, useless, but they look cool and if they look cool, they are cool.

So though we may hate customer service, there are a few gems to be found in the dirt….as long as you know where to dig.


As always, thanks for reading….


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons why working in customer service doesn’t completely suck

  1. youretheworst

    I’ve had a LOT of jobs, and while I may have enjoyed some more than others, customer service was always the most entertaining.

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