Everything will NOT be okay.


Cold, confused and broken, she sat there in the rain. The mind unconsciously trying to wash away the sorrows.
“Everything will be okay” they had told her.
She thought about it, those words, and any truth that might be behind them.
Raindrops mixed with tears, her clothes clung wet to her rain soaked body and the world continued in a blur around her.
“Everything will NOT be okay!” She finally screamed, to herself, to the world…to him.
How could it be? She loved…he left, and now all she was left with was questions. Had he loved her too? Why did he leave? Why won’t he talk to her? Could she, should she have done something, anything different? Why was this happening to her? Why couldn’t she be happy?
Each question a knife like reminder, piercing her heart, and reminding her just how alone she now felt. Each an affirmation that indeed everything  would not be okay.

“It was wrong” she muttered his words, pushing the wet hair from her face.
“I hope we can still be friends” he had said.
She hadn’t expected that. They had been so good together, or she she thought. Now all that was left was the questions in her head as she sat cold, confused and broken on the corner of the street, numb to the rain and the world around her. “Everything will not be okay.”


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