8 reasons why my life sucks right now





I’m one of those people that believes money does not buy happiness, however it seems happiness is an unacceptable currency when it comes to rent payments. Who would have thought? “Why?” you might ask do I have no money…..because I am a genius. The kind that left his job without previously finding alternate employment, leaving me unemployed for over a month. Smart hey…i thought so!



Thanks to my ingenious decision, I was forced to take the first job that came my way. A job in customer service in a train station with shifts starting at 7am. That means I have to wake up at 5am!! 5am!! To go to work!! why for the love of god!!??




Smile!!…That’s the first rue in customer service. So here I am smiling…all the while thinking that i would like to shoot myself because…a) I’m tired from waking up at 4am!! and…b) I can think of better things to do than to be there serving people. i.e. hitting my head against a desk



I feel lonely, and I hold the lack of a girlfriend in my life accountable for that. I don’t, however, have time for a relationship…that shit is hard work, and i don’t have the time or energy to commit to that right now….or do I?



Looking for a girlfriend? feeling lonely? What the hell is up with these sentimental feelings!!??



I find myself lacking the motivation and energy to do anything. Then I hate myself for being lazy, but I am too lazy to do anything about it……Say what now?? That doesn’t even make sense maybe my brain is just dying, or I need an injection of sugar and caffeine in my bloodstream.



I workout. I have for years. I like looking good…and I do look good ( yes, modest I know ). When i don’t exercise I can see the muscles abandoning their posts, walking off stage and that just annoys the crap out of me!!



I think the last seven posts have made this one pretty damn crystal clear. What is up with this negative attitude ?? I just gave 8 reasons why my life sucks right now…i may as well just go and jump off a bridge!!


Thanks for reading and feel free to comment…..


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