What are you afraid of?


It happened for a reason. There was always something there, between us. We didn’t have to “work” on it, it was completely natural.
You resisted me, I could tell you were resisting, though I didn’t know why. However you kept coming back, so I had to try. You strategically made me aware of your relationship, adding me on Facebook just to change your status to “in a relationship” soon after. You were trying to send me a message, and I knew it. I had frightened you into it by being so bold as to ask your number and making my interest in you known. You liked me, yet you felt a sense of loyalty to the one you left back home.

I let you be, to be honest I didn’t have the time or strength to chase you, but by no longer trying I inadvertently sent you running into my arms. I honestly didn’t expect it, but I couldn’t say no. After, you tried to erase me from your life, it didn’t work. We tried to move on, but it was clear that friendship was not an  option for us.

You try to deny your attraction to me, saying you were curious. Yet I see your constant glances, whenever we are somewhere together. Your excuses of not to meet up, I can see past it all for what it really is. I can’t say I understand it completely, though I understand you don’t just want to throw away something that you have for something new and uncertain. I don’t blame you.

How though will you know if you keep yourself in denial, if don’t allow yourself the opportunity to see the potential in the unknown. Are you afraid that you will not be able to lie to yourself any longer? Are you afraid that you will be the person to break the heart of the guy you loved? Are you afraid that the essence behind your relationship is not what you thought it was? Are you afraid to give me your heart in fear that I might break it? What is it you’re afraid of?



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