Life block

Life block? Think writer’s block, only….in life. I’m sure everyone one reading this knows basically what writer’s block is – the inability to progress a storyline or train of thought in a written article ( or something along those lines )
Life block? Of course you haven’t heard of it, I just made it up….. I think.
Well if you’ve ever had a time in your life where you felt stuck, didn’t know what you were doing, what you wanted to do. Sometimes spanning an hour, a day, a week, a month. I guess it could be associated or compared to procrastination, that’s what I used to think. However at some point that just doesn’t fit anymore.

So what do we do when we get life block? Avoid it and waste away the time idly until we get an idea and move forward? Give up writing your own script and see where life takes you? Put down the pen and stop writing altogether? Or do we go back, read over and try a new direction? What if that direction leads to a dead end…then what?
Well isn’t obvious, delete that paragraph and start again. And start again after that if you have to! Novels aren’t written in a matter of days, they require months and years of work. Plots, storylines, characters, ideas change and change again. Editing and re-editing until the final product is perfect.

Life is like writing a book, sometimes it flows and we glide on a wave of inspiration that carries us through pages and pages of our lives, and sometimes we get writer’s block. We get stuck, our inspiration runs out, we run out of ideas and the pages stay blank.

Never stop writing, never stop living. Edit and re-edit and keep going. Never give up until you find the perfect idea and ride it all the way to the last page. When you look back, you’ll remember those difficult times, but in your hands you will have the perfect novel that was moulded from overcoming those step backs. A story that you can be proud to tell and leave behind for future generations to read.

Don’t let life blocks stop you from finishing your novel, you are the author. Keep writing!


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