Skinny legs due to knee pain?

“You look like an upside down triangle.” My sister once told me. The truth is I did.
The problem was my knees. My kneecaps would rub against the bones of the knee joint and cause me a great deal of pain, both while and after doing squats in a workout.
I never thought it so important to work my legs until one day I saw someone who clearly didn’t work on his legs – he looked ridiculous!
Determined not to look like the clown I had just seen, I thought of other ways to achieve the desired results whilst sparing my poor knees.

The solution – leg extensions and leg curls. Now you may have to start with a lighter weight then you are used to, as you will feel it in your knees if you try to go heavy straight off the bat.
Go lighter with more reps, till you get used to it and then you can slowly increase the weight.
If you are doubting the effectiveness of leg extensions, let me hit you with some facts, or rather one simple fact: leg extensions use 86% of the muscles in your legs. All that in one simple move, not bad if you ask me.
If you are a home gym person, don’t worry. So am I. A bench with weights can be purchased online for an affordable price, a one off payment that will save you hundreds of pounds in gym fees and still get the job done.

So if you are, like I was, walking around with ceaseless knee pain switch to leg extensions. Trust me, your knees will thank you for it!


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