Who is that?

We as people can be extremely judgemental. We judge others based on their race, their religion, their clothes, the way they speak, how they look etc.
We tend to deviate our paths away from any people that we deem strange or those that society has branded “socially unacceptable”. The truth of the matter is everyone is different, and though someone may look strange, in the end they are just another person like you and I.

Now the point I am getting at is this. Do we know who we are?
We are so quick to judge others, but do we ever take a long hard look at ourselves to discover who we are inside?
Are we truly ourselves or are we conforming to an image socially accepted by society? Do we change who we are or the way we act for someone else’s benefit, to fit in with a crowd or to be someone else’s perfect someone?
Are our choices our own? Or are we being moulded by some outside influence?
The truth is yes, at some point we all alter ourselves into another more appreciable form at some point or other. Perhaps we may deem it necessary from time to time, but ask yourself this….is it really necessary? If so, when?
Living an illusion for a period of time can cause us to be hypnotised into actually becoming that illusion, losing sight of who we really are.
We should never change ourselves in any way, we should be free to be ourselves at all times. The only people worth having around you are those who accept you for you, as you come, in your original packaging – I do not mean naked.


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