The face behind the mask

Who’s that behind the counter? That person you are ordering your drinks from. Do you really care? Do they really care?
If you think about it, customer service is a highly personal yet highly impersonal position. I mean you are dealing with someone face to face, though you’re just using them to get what you want – food, coffee, alcohol.

In customer service, the interaction is really brief, it’s all about “what do you want?” and “how do you want it?” Obviously these questions aren’t posed like that, they are disguised in somewhat more pleasant wording – and if they are not, you need to consider attending an alternative dining/drinking establishment.

That person serving you….is paid to serve you. I’m not saying they don’t enjoy what they are doing, as in my experience those people don’t last long in the industry, but everyone has their good and bad days. However, in the service industry, you as an employee are not allowed bad days. You are the face of the company, and the company has to look good. Cue song lyrics – “smile, when your heart is aching. Smile, even though it’s breaking…”
Yes smile at all times, it’s company policy. Uhhm, have you tried smiling for 9 hours straight….not easy, not actually possible.

Try not to judge that person in front of you, everyone has to make a living. Of course, service should be to a particular standard no doubt, but don’t take it personally if you’re server doesn’t smile constantly or doesn’t take the chance to make idle chit chat. Chances are they have had a few difficult customers before you, they are nearing the end of an eleven hour shift – there could numerous reasons. Try to understand how it is to be in their position and i guarantee you, if you are polite and friendly towards your server, they will return in kind and go out of their way to help you, because a genuinely friendly and polite customer is the holy grail in customer service and makes the day of any waiter/waitress.

Try to be understanding and “don’t shoot the messenger.”


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