Extra curricular activities….in your sleep



I swear on everything i own, that this picture shows exactly what happens…while i am asleep!

How else can you explain waking up feeling more tired than you were when you went to sleep?

As a child I was informed upon awakening about my antics during my slumber period, sleep walking, sleep jumping and of course sleep talking. Man i wish mobile phones had voice recording and cameras in those days.

Well as with most things, as we get older, we tend to take things to the next level, bigger and better. So why not with our sleep time activities?

I came to a realization the other day, as my flatmate assured me she must have another life in her sleep, waking up with new bruises everyday. I’m sure she is a member of a secret night time, no holds barred, bare knuckle fighting ring. Anyone seen fight club?

I’m sure i have been running marathons in my sleep as shown by the picture above. Falling to the floor, trying to stand up from the bed, can’t be explained any other way. If it happens, it happens i guess. Though i would like to know how i am doing at least. Being very competitive, winning is a deal for me, so i wouldn’t mind waking up every morning with my legs on fire if I knew I was winning at least most of the time…you can’t win them all.

My sporting activities have always been diverse and I think that has carried on into my world behind the curtain of sleep. I’m sure I have finally earned the right to join…. the fight club.

Waking up this morning, feeling as though i had been hit by a bus and put my hand through a wall, I can’t help but think the words – You should see the other guy!



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