It’s another world out there

There’s another world out there, beyond the misty glass panes of my window. I hear it before i see it, as i open my eyes from my short yet pleasant slumber i can hear them, the others. As they travel past my window, the noise of their motorised devices assaults my ears and i open my eyes to this new day.

I know that as always, i have to face this new world as i do each and every day, yet still i can’t help but wish that i could stay here, on my my planet, in the safety of my bed and enjoy the pleasant wonder of my dreams.

Lethargically I grope for my time keeping device and turn off the electric cockerel that awakens me everyday with it’s shrill voice, determined to wake me and every other soul within the habitations that i occupy. Whilst my senses rejoin me, i carry myself to the window, drawing back the curtains to view what the world outside has in store for me this day. It looks like misery. The sky is a blank canvas, not of a pleasant blue, but a dull grey. The sun, it seems, must have had the same thoughts as i did and as i only wish i could, has resolved to stay hidden from this world today. No sun, no rain….just grey, pale and gloomy.

I turn to look at my bed once more. No, no i cannot lie down again, not even for 2 seconds.  I muster up all my resolve and I shake off the last remnants of the sandman’s sleeper sand, and I make my preparations to face the world beyond and the aliens that it harbours.

Determined, I launch myself into the new day in the world outside my window. I will seize it and make the most of it.

Once i have conquered the day, won the battle, i shall return to my world a hero.


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