Reaching our destinations

Many a time we look at our lives and we are not happy with where we are. Whether it be our jobs, where we live, whether we are single or not…everything comes into our minds. The point is that we look at ourselves and we realize that we are not in the position that we though we would be in at this point of our lives.

I thought about it long and hard one tough day and i realized that i was going about everything the wrong way. I knew where i wanted to be, but I was looking for the quickest way to get there. The truth is, there is no fast track to our dreams….it just doesn’t happen. If you look just at your long term goal and not how to get there you will be setting yourself up for some serious disappointment.

The trick to moving forward in life and getting closer to your goals, is to break down your long term goal into more reasonable and easily reachable short term goals. Short term goals are much easier to achieve and each goal you achieve gives you a confidence boost. I believe one of the important factors of short term goals is the urgency they create…. if you set yourself a deadline to complete a particular goal, however trivial it may be actually gets you into the routine of focusing on your goals and not delaying or postponing them.

Having only long term goals leaves too much room for procrastination. Rather than spending those intermediary periods floating around waiting for something to happen, set yourself some short term goals and go out and make something happen. We thrive on working towards a destination, and the gaps where we allow ourselves to just drift through life is like poison to the soul.

So get out a pen and paper, write down 5 short term goals, reasonable, easily achievable goals. Set yourself a deadline for which each should be achieved by and one by one cross them off your list as you complete them.  The more goals that achieve, the more confident and purposeful you will feel and you can aim higher and higher. Know your goal and focus on the best way to achieve it, and once you are on your way…the sky is the limit.

Reaching our destinations can be daunting, however all you need to do is give yourself a little direction.


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