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Motivation | Work Harder

The act or process of giving someone a reason to do something...that is the definition of motivation. Motivation is just one part of the puzzle As people we generally require motivation in order to do something...after all that is the definition of the word. Everything we do, seems to be for a reason, whether it …

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Neewer 700W professional softbox lighting kit unboxing and review

Do you make YouTube videos, or are thinking about it? What about some indoor photography? A lot of the time, one of the issues we face when filming or photographing indoors is the lack of light. Most often the light that we have in the house, is either not strong enough, not the right tone, …

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It's been almost three weeks since I up and left my job with my girlfriend. We had enough and decided that we needed to take some holidays and change our lifestyle. The London lifestyle just wasn't working out for us anymore, and so we decided to leave it all behind and start a fresh somewhere …

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